Collaborative Catholic fun for the whole family!

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Inspiration! is a fun and fast-paced Catholic game that promotes collaboration as players make strategic decisions and score points as a team. You’ll each assume the identity of a Guardian Angel Cadet as you inspire and guide the Dreamers who are in your charge. Along the way you’ll solve problems and fight off nightmares, all while learning the rich history of our Faith and the surprising ways in which Catholicism has influenced science throughout history.

You will explore the topics of Optics, Astronomy, Medicine, Modern Physics, The Scientific Method, and Mathematics as you seek to determine the truth in Inspiration Card challenges and gain points to inspire your Dreamer to greatness.

3 Games in 1!


Dream weavers

Strategy Mission (Ages 6+)

Dream Weavers is a strategic puzzle ruleset that challenges players to build colored paths within the dream, connecting the Dreamer to God’s stream of inspiration and working to achieve the mission goal.


Genuine Inspiration

Interactive Quiz (Ages 12+)

Genuine Inspiration challenges players to score points as they seek to uncover the truth of how Catholic principles and figures have impacted our understanding of science.


Dread wars

Full Gameplay (Ages 12+)

DreaD Wars combines both Dream Weavers and Genuine Inspiration gameplays with a battle component where Guardians fight off the nightmares that threaten to end your mission.